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    Bazooka Ball

    great alternative!

    Bazooka Ball is a great alternative for lasertag or paintball! Fun for all ages!!

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    Paintless Paintball

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    Paintless Paintball is a great game for ages 8 and up. All the fun without the mess!

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    Laser Tag - Paint Ball

    fun for all ages!

    Small kids at home or big kids in the office ... we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve got you covered!

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    Inflatable Arena

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    Our inflatable arena provides a great course for your paintball fun! Plenty of hiding spots and cover for your team to use!

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Looking to have a unique, fun, activity in the Indianapolis metro area at your next Looking to have a unique, fun, activity in the Indianapolis metro area at your next party?party?

We bring mobile laser tag  to you in the Indianapolis area and surrounding counties. This is the best mobile party to you for the 21st century. Our mobile Laser Tag games can be set-up indoors or outdoors to create a fighting war zone at your birthday party, school events, field days, post proms, church groups, family reunions, fundraisers, corporate or company teambuilding, class incentives, carnivals and fairs.  Laser tag outdoors?

That’s right! Our Laser Tag gear is designed so that you can play in the sunlight. With military-like equipment, our taggers have the ability to reach out up to 300 feet during the daytime and even longer ranges at night. The whole family can enjoy the experience.  In the Indianapolis area, we are taking indoor or outdoor party games to a whole new level. Outdoor laser tag can be a physically demanding game, but we have the ability to adjust the intensity levels so anyone can play. We can make the game fair for every age, ability and skill level (some exceptions may exist). Everyone can play!

How can you use Laser Tag Paintball during your event?

The thing that sets us apart from others is that we have the ability to bring the laser tag or paintball experience to any of your social events.  Mobile laser tag in your back yard is a simple way to have the most unique adult or kid’s birthday party that you will ever experience.  All you need is as little as a 20×30 foot area or the space around your house and we can provide a safe and fun way to have a fabulous party in your back yard.  An event at your house will be the best and most unique birthday party that your child, teen, or adult will ever experience. Safety and fun are our first priority.

Looking for an amazing game to add at your next fair or carnival?

We have partnered with many local fairs or carnival organizations to enable them to provide laser tag for free for their fair or carnival guests or on a “pay to play” option. Give us a call if you are interested in adding this great crowd pleaser to your upcoming fair.